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How to pick a lock?

How to pick a lock. If you need to know how to open a door without keys, you are in the right place.

Here we will teach you proven methods to open the door lock without a key.

And do not worry that losing the keys or leaving them inside the house happens to all of us.

First, we will start with easy methods and then with slightly more complicated methods used by locksmiths, so you will need some tools.

Materials you need: How to pick a lock

  • Door opening cards
  • Professional Pick Set
  • Basic Lock Set
  • Screwdriver

 How to open a door without keys – Infallible Methods (Non-professionals)

Opening with a credit card

You must slide the card between the door frame and the lock. After tilting the card and taking it to the safety, push the card out and turn the doorknob when you are in that step. (An X-ray can also help you)

Screwdriver: How to pick a lock

For this method, you must use a long and thin screwdriver to insert it into the lock and move it from side to side. Keep in mind that the movements must be subtle and, at the same time, press a little so that you can open the door.


This method maybe a little more straightforward, but you must have patience because you must get a metal clip and straighten it to start. When you have it ready, you must make an angle to one end, and like the previous methods, you must move it slowly with a bit of pressure.

Methods used by professional locksmiths to open doors without keys.

Today we have an endless number of different techniques to open locks that depend on several factors if another method of opening is chosen.

The picking method for picking locks

When we have to open a door lock without a key, the first thing that comes to mind is to open it with picks, as we have seen many times in the movies. Although picks indeed open the locks, it is also true that manufacturers of locks are putting barriers so that they can be opened by these methods, which sometimes make them so safe that having to open them is a problem for many locksmiths who are not specialists in the field.

The picks had to present credentials as if you were a locksmith or locksmith company to acquire them. However, with the Internet from one country to another changing the legislation, many countries that do not have regulations allow the sale freely, which compromises the safety of people.

To know a little about the most basic kit of lock picks. They have different types of lock picks that we will describe getting to know them a little better.

  • Toothed-shaped pick: these picks vary a bit. Their cuts are very irregular cuts and others with softer cuts, ideal for picking by a rake.
  • Relief pick: it is a pick used for flat key security point locks that have irregular reliefs.
  • Tensioner: generally in the shape of an L or Z, this is used for once we have aligned the cylinder pins with the tensioner, we turn the rotor of the lock, making it turn and in this way open the door

Opening by force of a door: How to pick a lock

Sometimes we have seen that a door opens with a kick. Although it has some truth, we will reveal the mystery of the real and the unreal.

Indoors where they have a small latch or interior doors where they do not properly have a lock. Suppose it is not the slip that is condemned so it cannot be pulled back with a dry kick strongly given in the place where it is. The title can open; however, opening a door in this way results in breaking the door frame or causing damage. It isn’t easy to open the door in the main entrance of a house with a lock. So it is a half-truth. If it is true that the security forces use rams that between several people grab it. And with several blows that offer a significant point, they break the frame or make the latch give way. In these cases, the door is almost always useless.

You can also use a lever or kickstand of the kind used by workers, in this case. It must be significant since we all know that the longer the lever, the greater the force it transmits. We insert the lever or the kickstand through The gap between the door and the frame, looking for the latch. Once located, we force the opposite direction to the edge to push the latches back until they yield. With this, we open the door, undoubtedly.

Know the techniques

Severe damage will cause both the door and the lock, and The frame in these openings uses force. So we advise calling before reaching these cases unless someone’s life is in danger. Call a professional locksmith since he knows the techniques to open the locks without causing damage. And in the worst case, he would only damage the lock or light bulb, which would be precisely the same as it was by replacing it.

Another way but at the same time. One of the most destructive is the use of radials when these uses. It can be said that the door will never be helpful as such. However, it is indeed a foolproof method for this.

It must have a Radial with a large disc and a disc that cuts steel. Place the radial at a distance from the lock and give it 5 centimeters more space in the direction of the hinges. Hence missing the door from top to bottom. Thereby achieving that the safety remains in the frame and the door leaf moves without any mechanical mechanism preventing it. This method is that the emergency services such as firefighters, in case of a fire or a person traps inside do it where they do not see the material damage that causes if not the benefits that come with opening it quickly.

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