How to poach an egg?

How to poach an egg

Eggs have been famous amongst people of every age. Whether a child or an adult, people love to eat eggs. They are a great source of protein, and this is why eggs are included in the diet by nutritionists for weight loss. Extremely nutritious, eggs have always been a favourite of everyone. You can cook them in any form. For instance, you can boil, half fry or make scrambled eggs. They are the best binding ingredient one could ever have in the kitchen when making kebabs to hold the meat together. They are also used to coat chicken filets or even kebabs and fry them to have a nice layer.

How to poach an egg?

As they can be used so diversely, one more way to cook eggs evolved. That is poaching the eggs. This technique of cooking eggs is not new but has only been practised in restaurants until a decade back. Poaching the eggs is the easiest way of cooking them. The best part is that poached eggs have fewer calories than boiled. So it is good to have poached eggs as well.

Poached eggs are very easy to make. They look very beautiful when presented on the plate in a restaurant. So, they appear very simple and elegant and are often served with a toasted slice of bread, chickpeas salad, or even potato kebabs. They go along with almost everything that you would only imagine.

How to cook them?

First of all, you will have to determine whether the egg is fresh or not. Cracking the egg in a glass of water and see if it goes down in the bottom. If it does, it is fresh. If its white part floats, then it is not that fresh. In such a case, drip the runny egg white from the less fresh egg and transfer it to an open pan. Now fill the pan with water. And let the water boil. Now continuously whirlpool the water on the egg to start to cook, and the egg yolk is fully covered with cooked egg white. When done, sieve the egg out and serve it on a plate by seasoning with some salt and pepper.

If you add salt while poaching the egg, you might disintegrate the egg white, which will not turn out a perfectly poached egg.

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