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Difference between while and do-while

Programming language is of keen importance. Both while and do while are significant parts of C++ programming. Difference between while and do while It is essential to know these in-depth to apply these through the correct codes. Indeed, the entire knowledge about them helps much in making improvements and determining where the flaw is in case of any error. 

Types of Loops

The loop allows the golden opportunity for the programmer to write the short pieces of the codes correctly for repetitive times. It helps in granting more versatility to the working. There can be three types of loops that are most often used in programming. These include:

  • Do-while loops
  • While Loos
  • Loops

While Loop VS Do-while Loop


While the loop does not demand any bracket in its coding when there is only a single segment, however, for the do-while loop, the bracket matters a lot. The do-while loop needs to use the brackets. It is compulsory to use for all kinds of statements. 


The iterations for the while loop often do not appear. It mainly occurs when the first condition comes up as the false one. Hence, once there is no execution of the while loop, one must rush towards its code and look for the conditions. In case of a false condition, immediately consider its rectification to gain satisfactory outcomes quite quickly. In the do-while loop, the iterations occur even in the case of the false condition. 

Execution: Difference between while and do while

The entry-controlled loop is papular as the while loop. However, the do-while loop refers to as the exit controlled loop. The execution of the statement differs for both types of loops. At the same time, the loop is the one that executes only after the entire testing of the condition. Upon complete satisfaction of the condition, the while loop gets executed rationally. However, for the do-while loop, the statement executes for a single time. Do-while loop examines the statement and tests it keenly, and then executes it. However, if the condition found fake, then the while loop terminates it quickly and does not consider its execution.

Semicolon: Difference between while and do while

The semicolon is of extreme value for executing the do-while loop. The do-while loop cannot enclose without the semicolon placed at the edge of the code. However, for the while loop, there is no need to use the semicolon. For a while loop, the condition comes up at the top, while in the do-while, the condition is at the bottom. 

In a Nutshell: Difference between while and do while

Program creation is quite exciting and demands the proper focus and attention. The main building blocks for rationally creating programs are loops. It is most often used when the programmer wants to execute the single statement multiple times. Indeed, it is the set of instructions that sequence in such as that iterates the statement. The block of code is made until the final condition satisfies.

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