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How to buy bitcoin in Pakistan?

Today, the buzz is all about investing in cryptocurrency and questions such as how crypto will make us wealthy in its heyday. One thing that most people are not aware of is that digital currencies endured many ups and downs in the last few years. Besides, spending in crypto is also not risk-free. Nowadays, trending streak: How to buy Bitcoin in Pakistan? 

If this grabs your similar points, make sure to read this post till the final words. We have jotted down every piece of data that you might want. We want you to understand that the digital currency that faced crazy changes in utility in the last couple of years – is Bitcoin. Though, we will consider these changes in the value of Bitcoin following in the post as well. So, read on!

Steps You Should Learn: Let’s Buy Bitcoin in Pakistan!

There exists only one shift that works in Pakistan, and you can utilize it to purchase Bitcoin in Pakistan. We reveal that Local Bitcoin is the only site from where you can buy and market Bitcoins in Pakistan safely. To patronize Bitcoins utilizing Local Bitcoins, you need to generate an account on their site (it’s necessary). Below we will give the step-by-step guidelines for purchasing Bitcoin in your green state.

Create an Account

Access the Local bitcoins website and tap on register up for free. Next: you have to give an email address and passkey to generate an account. If you intend to make BIG transactions, you have to upload your scanned CNIC Copy. If you don’t have any aims like that, there is no need to upload them.

Access the Buy Bitcoin Options

Once you create an account, tap on the buy Bitcoins option. Now, you will view a list of Bitcoin dealers. They are trading Bitcoins, and you can go for the trader that has high-grade reviews.

Assure Yourself Before Making Purchase

After that, click on purchase and re-read all terms and conditions. Once you complete the reading process, enter the number of Bitcoins you wish to purchase from the marketer.

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It is Time to Release your Cash

Fourth, the seller will share the details of the local payment on which you have to send the local bounded currency. Later that, the person will release the bitcoins. Bear in mind: you have to send cash in one hour to the seller. If you do not do this, the seller might oppose the trade.

It’s Done!

Once you transfer the payment, the Bitcoins will be brought into your wallet.


Today, many people in Pakistan are trading Bitcoins via local currency. Before this platform, there existed another Bitcoin trading platform – known as Urdubit. But now, they are not patronizing Bitcoins in Local areas like Pakistan. It was the first Bitcoin selling and buying platform in Pakistan. Apart from online methods, there exists a way to buy Bitcoin in Pakistan that is face-to-face. Yet, the steps we have mentioned above are widely used and safe. So, feel free to utilize them right away!



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