How to use instant pot?

How to use instant pot?

Kitchen gadgets have made our life easy, and one of these gadgets is the instant pot. If you want to prepare a meal in no time and defrost your food, then it is the best option available. These are available in various designs and sizes. Here we will discuss the step-by-step process of using an instant pot.

Step 1 to use an instant pot

Right place in the kitchen

Always find the right place for gadgets in the kitchen. They should be put near the socket to avoid difficulty in using it. For instant pot, it is suggested to keep at the place where enough space is available since pot ejects heat and steam to be dangerous for the things held in its surroundings.

Step 2 to use the instant pot


Whenever we use a kitchen gadget or aunty utensil, do not forget to clean it properly. Remove the inner pot of the instant pot and wash it properly before its use to get rid of any bacteria or germ present on the surfaces.

Step 3 to use the instant pot

On & off 

First of all, you need to switch on the instant pot. If you press the button, then off will appear on the screen. It shows that no bank is ready to use, and you can press off anytime. You can steam, saute and slow cook your food with the help of this pot. So choose the cooking method you want to make your food with. 

Step 4 to use an instant pot

Add food

Now it is time to add vegetables or meat in the pot or whatever dish you want to cook, saute or steam. Just add ingredients to it.

Step 5 to use the instant pot

Liquid is must

Instant pot requires liquid for cooking. It will not work properly since steam is necessary for preparing food in the pool, and drink will produce it. One cup of juice is enough for making steam, and it can be in any form. It depends on the dish you are going to prepare. You can use tomato juice, any soup, or vinegar for this purpose.

Step 6 to use an instant pot

Seal the lid properly.

The next step is to check the lid and its rubber. If the rubber is loose, then food will not cook properly because of steam leakage. Place it on the pot and lock it in its place. Always fit the ring properly before use.

Step 7 to use the instant pot


Now it’s time to set the timer, and you will see hours and minutes options appear on the screen. (+ ) and (-) buttons are used to keep the pressure high and low, respectively.

Step 8 to use an instant pot

Could you turn it on?

Then turn it on and let the food cook. You will see the cancel and end buttons on the screen. You can press them anytime if you feel anything is wrong with the pot.

Step 9 to use the instant pot

Cooking is done

Once the timer reaches zero, it means food is ready. Now press the end button that will be appearing on the screen. Then comes the time to release steam. You can naturally remove it, but in this case, you will have to wait for 20-25 minutes or until no moisture is left behind. You can also quickly release steam by pressing the button available on the screen, but using the quick release button is suggested if you are in a hurry.

Step 10 to use the instant pot

Keep warm cycle

Sometimes food gets prepared on time, and your guests are late, or you want it to be ready before time. There is a need to keep it warm because heating food, again and again, makes it distasteful, and its color changes as well. So there is an option available in the instant pot to keep it warm for 10 hours.

So this is the right way to use an instant pot. Do not forget to turn off the switch after you are done cooking.

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