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How to stop a dog digging?

One day you come home from work and find that your dog has “kindly” started digging in the garden. You also have to recognize how intensively he has dealt with your favorite flower bulbs. He has undoubtedly found them all and promoted them to the top. This may be funny if you are not affected, but not for the others. In the following article, we learn how to stop a dog digging, So don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it will be beneficial for you guys. You’re frustrated & angry, but you basically can’t do anything because you did something that happened some time ago, and your dog would therefore misunderstand any punishment in this direction.

Everyday life comes, a week goes by, you’ve forgotten everything – then all of a sudden you come home and see a gigantic hole, almost as if he wanted to dig away to China. Your pulse rises dramatically. You would like to turn the neck of your four-legged friend, but don’t do anything wrong now. Your dog only follows instincts because, in the end, your dog is still an animal. We must never forget that.

Why do dogs dig?

First of all, you must know the reasons why your four-legged friend dug deep holes in the garden. There are different causes and behavior of your dog. 

Your dog craves attention

1. Your dog craves attention

As soon as your dog is passionate about gardening, do you scold? Even negative attention is better than no attention. If you turn to your four-legged friend, talk to him and take care of him, he has piqued your interest. 

You may be very busy with your work and family life. If you have little time for your dog, this could already be a cause for his digging.

2. Your four-legged friend is looking for prey

Do you have a dog who loves to hunt like a terrier or a dachshund? He may be trying to enlarge the entrances and exits of mouse holes, molehills, or caves of foxes and badgers by digging. Terriers were initially bred to hunt rats and mice.

Your fur nose smells the prey underground. The first thing your dog will do to dig is likely to use its nose. Then came the paws. 

3. Your dog stores food for bedtime 

If your dog doesn’t eat his food right away, he may dig it into the ground for a while first. This behavior can be observed in dogs of all breeds. Stop a dog searching. Maybe he’s burying a piece of meat or rumen in a flower pot or your flower bed.

As a rule, the delicacy ends up in an easily accessible place in the area. In this way, your dog can check his food hiding place regularly and easily. At some point, he pulls out the meat and eats it.

Tricks and tips to stop dogs digging in the garden

1. Spend time with your dog

Your four-legged friend should be the focus. Walks, games, cuddling, and training sessions are suitable. You must give your dog your undivided attention. 

Ideally, it would help if you exercised him physically and mentally when walking and exercising. 

2. Keep your garden free of mice and moles

Try to keep your garden free of mice and moles so that your dog will not feel motivated to dig by this possible prey.

3. Take away leftover food

When your dog is complete, clear up any leftover food. This prevents your four-legged friend from taking care of the supplies and digging the leftovers somewhere. This also applies to chewing bones.

4. Provide your four-legged friend with a comfortable place to sleep

A half-high basket with a blanket offers your furry friend the opportunity to cuddle up. The ceiling can be churned up wonderfully. Stop a dog digging. If your bitch is expecting kittens, a suitable whelping box is a good idea.

In summer, there are mats to cool you down. In winter, a self-heating blanket or a dog blanket may be an option. 

5. Do the gardening alone

So that your helpful four-legged friend does not support you in the garden, you should take care of the plants on your own. Leave him around the house or send him out for a walk with another family member.

6. Set up a digging corner for your dog

You may not need to stop digging completely. If your garden is big enough, set up a particular dog area for it. stop a dog digging There he can let his passion run wild and explore. 

To mark the area, you lift part of the earth and fill in a mix of sand and dirt. So that your dog knows that he can let off steam there, you bury dried rumen there. Let him dig there to your heart’s content.

As an alternative, you may find yourself walking around where you won’t bother digging.

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