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How to become a nutritionist?

Since the professional title of nutritionist is not protected by law and the educational path is not regulated by the state, there are different ways to become a nutritionist. The fastest way is through an apprenticeship or further education. Still, courses such as nutritional sciences, ecomorphology, or dietetics provide you with qualified training for the profession of a nutritionist. This is also possible with a degree in health sciences or health education. Another option is a three-year dietitian training course.

The range of further training and courses options is enormous and includes full-time, long-distance, and part-time face-to-face offers. So it won’t be easy to provide specific information about the nutritionist training, as each provider determines the content, costs, and duration of the activity.

learning a nutritionist training course 

In the nutritionist course, you can learn the basics of general nutrition, e.g., How is food composed? Which food is essential for the body in which quantity? Which food causes obesity and illness? How are health and nutrition-related to each other? 

Conditions you have to fulfill 

Depending on which target group the nutritionist training aims at, the requirements vary. We have compiled the conditions that we have found with various providers, so you do not necessarily have to meet all the needs listed here.

  • Minimum age 16 to 18 years
  • Realschule qualification or comparable school qualification
  • Completed training and one year of professional experience
  • School-leaving certificate and completed vocational training or (technical) university entrance qualification
  • Completed vocational training in the sports and fitness industry or career changers who have no industry-specific training but who have the necessary basic knowledge due to their proven long-term, subject-specific work

Previous education or professional experience in the medical or dietetic field is usually an advantage, but not always necessary to take part in the training. In addition, you should be interested in nutrition and food and bear in mind that biochemical and medical topics are taught. So science shouldn’t make you shudder. You should also bring …

  • Interest in human health
  • good communication and good dealings with people
  • the ability to convey content in an understandable manner
  • Persuasiveness and motivational skills
  • a conscious and healthy lifestyle

Does the training become a nutritionist cost money?

Yes, you pay fees for the nutritionist training. How high these turn out to vary from provider to provider. We found prices in the range of around 450 to approximately 4,300, with amounts in the three-digit range often due for courses that last one to two weeks.

You should expect a sum between 2,000 and 3,000, most providers with a training period of between nine and 15 months are in this cost range. The monthly installments are usually between 120 and 200. Note that there can always be deviations upwards and downwards. In addition, not all providers disclose the training fees directly, but this information link to the free information material that can order.

 How long does a nutritionist’s training take?

The duration of the nutritionist training is set very differently. There are courses that only last a few days or one to two weeks. However, with most providers, you can expect a training period of nine to 15 months, with a weekly learning effort between five and eight hours – depending on the provider, duration, and type of lesson.

What are the duties of a nutritionist?

  • Individual support and advice for clients.
  • Take a medical history to determine eating habits.
  • Develop nutrition plans.
  • Shop and cook together with clients.
  • Hold lectures and seminars.
  • Educational work about nutrition and food.
  • Editorial work, such as writing articles.

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