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How to make paper flowers?

In the world of origami, you will find the paper flower. The rose symbolizes love, luck, etc., and can be a lovely gift to give. Could you find out how to do them? In the following article, we get to know about How to make paper flowers? So don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it’s going to be very useful for you guys.

Making a paper flower is one of the crafts that can be as simple as you want: there are easy ways to make a paper flower and more complex ways that result in the closest thing you can imagine to a natural flower. Below, we offer you several options for you to choose from.

If you are restless and constantly inventing something to do in your free time, we share a post with other ideas for making papercrafts. Now we will focus on the paper flowers.

Easy paper flowers with strips (craft for kids)

There are different ways to create quilling flowers (with strips), although all are based on rolling the paper.

A straightforward method to make a paper rose 

Necessary material

  • A large card stock
  • A piece of green card stock
  • Scissors for wavy cutting
  • Glue (optional)

Steps to follow

  • Cut a strip the length of the cardboard (about 65 cm) by about 3 cm, taking advantage of the side of the cardboard and cutting the other line as a wave.
  • Start rolling the strip on itself, with the flat side down and the wavy side up. The first laps have to be very tight and move them more and more efficiently. The bottom part must be kept together at all times.
  • Every three or four rounds, you can put a couple of dots of glue to hold it together.
  • Form three or four small green leaves and distribute them around the base.

An easy method to make a paper rose

This method is halfway between quilling and origami since although it is done with a strip of paper, it is also based on folding.

Necessary material

  • A large card stock.
  • A piece of green card stock
  • Paper scissors

Steps to follow

  • Cut a strip the length of the cardboard (about 65 cm) by about 3 cm, taking advantage of the side of the cardboard and cutting the other line completely straight.
  • Make the first fold, bringing the end of the strip to the top. Repeat the fold three or four times before starting to roll the strip.
  • Roll the strip on itself, making a fold like the one at the beginning each time a turn is completed. You should leave an inch or two at the beginning without rolling.
  • Please increase the number of folds as it is rolled since the turn will be more comprehensive. Each fold will appear to be the end of a petal.
  • When the strip is completely rolled up, add a wooden stick or wire, joining it with the part of the strip that is loose.

Petal to Petal Shaped Paper Rose

Another way to create this paper flower is by creating petals and properly attaching them. It is not a complicated way to do it, but it takes time, and the important thing is to do it with calm and precision.

Necessary material

  • Cardboard
  • Pair of scissors
  • Glue

Steps to follow

  • Cut out a few rose petals from the cardboard. You can copy the shape of the real petals of a natural flower, and you will need petals of different sizes.
  • Begin to glue the most petite petals at the bottom end, and gradually add the others one by one, from smallest to largest.
  • Once glued, slightly bend the upper part of the sheets, using a pencil to avoid sharp fold.

Origami paper rose (medium difficulty)

As in the previous points, you can make an origami paper rose in different ways, some of them very complicated, with up to 50 steps, and others more straightforward, like the one we tell you here.

Necessary material

  • A cardboard square of the desired colour.

Steps to follow

  • Place the cardboard square as if it were a rhombus and make two folds: the left corner with the right and the upper corner with the lower one. Unfold.
  • Fold each of the corners towards the centre, bringing them to the centre point.
  • Fold again, bringing the four corners together in the centre again.
  • Bring the sides back together . If you have done well, you will have a triangle.
  • Now it is necessary to give volume to the rose, which you will do by joining the fins in front and then turning them to give them shape. To finish, the lower part can be fitted into a preformed paper or plastic cup , like those of artificial flowers.

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