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How to apply for Driving Licence?

The driver’s license is an essential document for all those who want to drive legally. In the following article, we get to know about How to apply for Driving Licence? So don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it’s going to be very useful for you guys.

It is a mandatory permit that every driver must carry in order to drive within the country. As an additional benefit, you can use it as valid identification for a wide variety of official procedures to apply for Driving Licence.

Processing your driver’s license will give you the possibility to venture to new paths and also move easily to apply for Driving Licence.

In this article, we will tell you the steps you have to follow to obtain your driving license without problems to apply for Driving Licence.


In order to apply for a valid license to drive, you must have the following documents:

  • The previous license expired (in case you want to renew it).
  • Identification card,  passport, or residence card (the latter only for foreigners).
  • Payment and performance of the corresponding eye exam.


There are 11 types of driving licenses, which are issued by the government to apply for a Driving Licence. Each type of license depends on the vehicle to be driven and the conditions in which this activity is carried out:

  • License for vehicles or quadricycles with capacities no greater than 200 ccs.
  • License for vehicles with capacities greater than 200 ccs.
  • The License for cargo vehicles of 8 to 12 tons capacity
  • License for commercial vehicles with a capacity of 4 to 8 tons.
  • License for vehicles with a capacity of up to 18 passengers.
  • The License for vehicles, cars, and taxis whose capacity is not greater than 9 passengers.
  • License for vehicles with a capacity greater than 12 tons.
  • License for vehicles with a capacity of up to 25 passengers.
  • The License for vehicles with a capacity greater than 18 tons.
  • License for agricultural vehicles.
  • License for verbalized vehicles.


First, it is necessary to cover the established fee. This can be consulted directly with the competent authority to apply for Driving Licence ( National Transit Office or the  National Police ).

After completing these steps, you should go to the nearest Red Cross and request an eye exam. This exam must be paid for at any branch of the BANPRO bank. Additionally, you must present the following documentation:

  • Identity card,  passport, or residence card (the latter document only for foreigners).
  • Proof of payment for services (issued by the bank).
  • If it is the first time and not renewal, it is necessary to have also paid for the blood and psychological test.

The validity of these exams is only 60 days. So we recommend that you carry out the procedure immediately after having obtained the result of your medical examinations. It is held from Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


In addition to the medical exams, you need to pass two more exams that you can request from the relevant authority (the National Police). They will schedule appointments to take these two exams to apply for Driving Licence. These tests are:

  • Theoretical test. This test is the first to be presented. You must answer a total of 38 questions. To pass, you must have at least 33 correct answers. In case of failure, you can reschedule a second chance by paying the relevant costs to apply for Driving Licence.
  • Practical test. You must drive a vehicle. As you drive, you will observe by authorized inspectors. The latter will evaluate your performance. In case you cannot pass this test, you have a period of 25 days to be able to present it again. Otherwise, you will have to redo the entire process to apply for Driving Licence.


We present to you the breakdown of the costs. These may vary according to the type of license:

  • License fee: C $ 200
  • Theoretical exam: C $ 150
  • Certificate of graduation from the Traffic Education Center: C $ 125
  • Seminar for the licensing process: C $ 200
  • Grand total: C $ 675

The process must be ready in a period of no more than 10 business days. It starts counting from the moment you started your clinical tests.


With this information, you will now be able to process your driver’s license and embark on a new adventure. We hope this article has been very useful.

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