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How to make paper cranes?

After a car accident, Abbi is in the hospital and has to laboriously learn to walk again. Only when physio student David takes over her treatment does she slowly make progress and can even be discharged from the clinic. In the following article, we get to know about How to make paper cranes? So don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it’s going to be very useful for you guys.

David keeps leaving origami for Abbi: when she is out of the room at the hospital for an examination and he has checked on her when he is already there for treatment at her home, but she is still asleep, or when he simply leaves her a greeting want.

Origami cranes have beautiful meanings in Japan. If you give away a crane, you wish the recipient a thousand years of happiness. And if you fold a thousand cranes yourself, you have a wish. Origami is not that difficult, give it a try! 


Step 1 to make paper cranes

Lay the sheet of paper in front of you with the colored side down. Fold it horizontally, then vertically, and open it again.

Step 2 to make paper cranes

Turn the sheet of paper so the colored side is on top and fold both sides diagonally before opening them up again.

Step 3 Now to make paper cranes

push the paper together at the pre-creased folds so that it forms a square again. Then turn it 180 °. The open side is now at the bottom.

Step 4 Fold the

wings right and left to the center, turn the origami, and repeat the same on the reverse side. Then fold the upper triangle down on the dashed line and open it again.

Step 5 to make paper cranes

Unfold the wings on both sides again and fold the top layer of paper upon the dotted line.

Step 6 to make paper cranes

At the same time, the side panels are folded inwards to the centerline. Turn the origami over and repeat on the reverse side.

Your origami now has a diamond shape with the split legs pointing downwards.

Step 7

The top of the paper is folded along the dotted line to the middle. Repeat on the reverse side. Then bend the two legs upwards on the inclined dashed line.


The origami looks almost like a crane. The legs are now folded down again, we only need the kink as a guide for the next step.

Step 9

Open the fold on the side and fold the tip inwards so that the open side of the thigh is facing down. Repeat with the other point.

Step 10

The beak is now formed from one side. To do this, spread the folded-up leg slightly and bend the tip inwards at the dashed line.

Step 11 Finally

Just fold the wings down on the dotted line and your origami crane is ready.

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