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How to Cleanse Crystals?

Crystals are arranged molecules of atoms. There are millions of types of crystals, and we all want to keep one or more crystals, but we don’t know about the care and method to Cleanse Crystals. So today, I am going to discuss the cleaning of crystals and the uses and selection of stones. 

Selection Of Crystals

Select the crystal that attracts you

If you are in a room full of crystals or shopping online, you select the stone that attracts you because it may have some secret message or purpose that you choose it, or maybe it is lucky for you.

Crystal for which You Are Struggling For

Choose a crystal according to your condition to get energy. For example, you suffer from stress, headaches, or nervous stress, so you buy rose quartz. It is a good stone for relief of these. Some crystals can absorb all your tensions and give you a stress-free life.  

Chose a crystal about what you want more

If you want more money, then take a lucky germ about finance and wealth, which makes you rich. If you’re going to love and find true love, buy a crystal about attracting love.

How To Use your Crystal

  • Hold them when you want to support and energy.
  • Use them as a part of medication and in yoga practice.
  • Keep one in your bra for the whole day and take it back when you throw it for a wash.
  • Please keep it in your bag, purse, clutch, or wallet. A good option is to keep more than one crystal. 
  • Take a bath with them because they are waterproof.
  • Keep the calming crystal in your pillow cover to get calm and peace on the bed.
  • Decorate your space like your empty desk. You want a decoration piece, so decorate it with crystals.
  • Wear these crystals as jewelry.

Why do we Clean The Stone?

Cleaning your stone is very important, and when you purchase it, many other people touch it with so many energies, good or bad, leftover crystals. Also, cleanse your crystal is a good habit because many fingerprints may be left on it with different powers. May you find a hidden crystal that you find after a long time, so let’s clean it very quickly.

How To Cleanse Crystals?

Just like uses, there are various methods to cleanse the crystals. If your crystal can not be used in water, use one of the following methods:

By Sea Salt 

Sea salt can use to scrub on the crystal to remove dust particles. Sea salt and water is used to get rid of unwanted energies present on your stone. If the rock is complex and not breakable, using sea salt is a good idea. But if your stone has porous or small holes like hematite, pyrite, etc., don’t place it in seawater. It may cause damage.

Leave the stone overnight in water and add some dried basil, lavender, and rose to enhance the cleansing power. 

With Clean Water

Water is a universal cleanser, so allow your crystal to take a bath in it. I often use this method. Just imagine a white light of water spreading all over the stone and washing out all the bad energies and filling it with wisdom and peace. We all know that water is the universal power that cleanses all negativities.

With different stones

Some stones have cleaning and purification properties. Citrine, Kyanite, and clear quartz are used to clean other crystals. Put the cleaning stone on the top of the crystal which needs cleaning or place these two stones in the same bag during traveling. It takes 3 to 4 hours to clean the crystal.

Beneath the Full Moon

The moon cleans the crystal. You have to put the crystal you want to clean in the windowsill or your roof where it gets the moonlight. It absorbs the moonlight, which ends its negativity and refreshes it. 

Wash With Moonlight

The moonlight is charged with moon energy. There are various ways to use this moon water, and soaking your crystal in it is one of them. Soak your crystal until it isn’t too porous. 

Brown Rice

This is a famous method used to get rid of negative energies that you don’t want. Fill a bowl with brown rice and bury your lucky stone in it for 24 hours. As the cleansing is completed, dispose of the rice immediately and take your positive energy entire stone. This method is used to protect the rocks. 

With Your Eye Rays

Visualizing is a powerful way to clean your crystal. Put your stone in your hand and close your eyes to it and start cleaning your stone with your pure, clean, and natural eye rays. You saw that your eye rays were washing it. 

Bury Underground to Cleanse Crystals

Take your stone you want to cleanse and bury underground for 24 hours, and allow the earth to absorb its bad energies and refresh it. 

With Your Breathe to Cleanse Crystals

breath e can also be an excellent method to cleansing the lucky germ. Hold your stone smoothly. And keep your full attention on it. Take a breath and deeply inhale through your nostrils. Bring the stone closer to your nose and shortly but pressure and strongly exhale on the rock by the nostrils. It gives the highest positive vibration to the germ. It takes 30 to 40nseconds per stone.

Sound waves to Cleanse Crystals

Sound waves also clean the area and bring the balance vibration as the tone. You can use the tuning fork, singing bowls, or a ringing bell. It does not matter what type of this sound but it should be loud enough that its vibration spreads all over the stones. This method takes 15 to 20 minutes.

This method is helpful for those who have large and heavy stones that are not easy to move.

Crystals are breakable so keep them with love and great care. You may place them in a bag or cover them with a silk scarf and keep them in your jewelry box. 

By Rubbing to Cleanse Crystals

Another way of cleaning the crystal is by rubbing with sage, Palo cento wood, incense, and sweetgrass plant. By rubbing with these natural elements, your crystal will become natural and energy-free

With Vinegar to Cleanse Crystals

Make a thick paste of water, salt, and vinegar, and apply this paste to your crystal. After 5 minutes, start scrubbing the stone to remove or clean all the dust particles until you get a clean, shiny rock.

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