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How much is a Stamp?

When the postage stamps were not available, the people used postmarked with ink and handmade stamps. These types of symbols were used on the letters or the mails. The idea of the handwritten Postmarks given by Henry Bishop that’s why these Marks and stamps are called Bishop marks. In the following article, we know how much is a Stamp? So please don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it will be very useful for all of you guys.

These postmarks were used in 1661 at the London General Post office for the very first time. 

Sir Rowland Hills, a school headmaster, first composed the sticky back postage stamp.

Due to his effort, the first postage stamp was released for the first time in 1840 in England. He has also established the rates of the symbols.

The first postage stamp started with Great Britain’s Penny Post, and the first Postage stamp was called Penny Black. Only two Penny Black stamps survived from the first sheet; both are displayed at the British Postal Museum.

Material and Shapes of the postage stamp 

The most common material for the formation of stamps is paper. They are designed by printed in sheets, rolls, or small brochures. The most familiar postage stamps material instead of paper is embossed foil. 

One of the most popular shapes of stamps is rectangular shape stamps, which have been issued in circular, triangular, pentagonal shapes, and other conditions. The United States published the first booklet stamp in 2000. It is consists of a hologram of the earth. Both Sierra Leone and Tonga have published the symbols in the shapes of different fruits.

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How much is a Stamp

Stamps collecting is one of the popular hobbies for people and children worldwide. 

Some of the expensive strength stamps are

The Treskilling Yellow postage Stamp

This is a Swedish Stams and was published wrong and released in 1855. It is one of the most costly stamps in the world, it is published in a blue-green color with the 3- skilling picture, but sometimes it was published in single yellow color. It’s cost more than €2 million.

Canada 12- pence black postage stamp 

This postage stamp is also called the black Empress of Canada. This time it consists of The Portrait of Queen Victoria. It is also one of the rare stamps first released in 1851.

Tyrian Plum postage stamp 

Britain is assumed that the Tyrian Plum is a valuable stamps. It was first published in 1910. It was established to change the two-color, two-pence logo holding up the face of King Edward VII had occurred.

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