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[Directly from the chef] Omelet recipe Tips for making beautiful like a hotel

The ingredients are straightforward, but it’s pretty challenging to make an omelet when you want to make them beautiful. I asked a professional about the omelet tips to solve the problems such as “it doesn’t look good” and “the egg is too hot to put together.” 

No need for “tonton”! Three tips for making beautiful omelets even for beginners

Omelet recipe Tips

[Tips 1] The tools are a rubber spatula and a frying pan with a diameter of 20 cm.

“At hotels, it seems that you often make it with an oil-leveled iron frying pan and chopsticks, but that requires a technique. If you make it at home, it is easier to make it with a fluororesin-processed frying pan with a diameter of 20 cm and a rubber spatula. That’s right. The smaller the frying pan, the less thin the eggs will be and the better the shape will be. “

[Tips 2] Eggs are strained and smoothed.

“If you’re in a hurry, you can omit it, but once you strain the egg liquid with a colander, the finish will be beautiful. You can also remove the karaza, so you can make a smooth and fine-textured egg liquid.”

[Tips 3] Adjust the temperature with a wet cloth and never burn it.

“It’s a good idea to have a wet cloth near the gas table. Use a frying pan that has become too hot once to lower the temperature. If you can adjust the temperature, you don’t have to worry about burning, and you can shape it slowly without rushing. Can be done “

If you hold down three tips, your usual omelet should change dramatically. Let’s see the procedure.

[Professional direct] Basic plain omelet recipe

Omelet Ingredients (for one person)

  • Eggs … 2-3 eggs
  • Butter … 10g
  • Salt, pepper … a little each

Sauce material (the amount that is easy to make)

  • Ketchup … 3 tbsp
  • Red wine … 2 tbsp

How to make an omelet – Steps by Step

1. Make egg liquid

Break the egg into a bowl and beat it thoroughly with a whisk. Add salt and pepper and mix well.

“Mix the yolks and whites well with a whisk. The whisk has the image of cutting the egg whites rather than including air. If you season them well with salt and pepper, the finished product will be even more delicious.”

2. Strain the egg liquid

Strain the egg liquid of 1 with a colander. This will make the egg liquid finer and remove the Zaraza.

“It may seem a little annoying, but with just a little extra work, you’ll get a much more beautiful finish and a beautiful yellow omelet.”

3. Heat a frying pan to melt the butter

Put butter in a frying pan and heat over medium heat to melt.

“Be careful not to burn the butter.”

4. Pour in the egg liquid

When all the butter has melted, pour in the egg liquid of 2 at once

5. Mix with a rubber spatula and cook until half-cooked

Shake the frying pan back and forth, constantly mix the egg liquid with a rubber spatula and cook.

“As soon as you add the egg liquid, stir it immediately. With the image of making finely textured scrambled eggs. This will eliminate the unevenness of the finished surface. Keep moving the frying pan and rubber spatula, and the egg will be large in only one place. Be careful not to get stuck. “

6. Hit the frying pan on a wet cloth

As shown in the picture, when it is half-ripened, please remove it from the heat and move the frying pan up and down on a wet cloth.

“By applying it to a wet cloth, the temperature of the frying pan that has become too hot will be lowered once. Also, by tapping the frying pan, the thickness of the egg will be uniform.”

7. Treat the end of the egg stuck in the frying pan.

The edges of the eggs that stick to the frying pan are easy to burn, so scrape them with a rubber spatula to clean them.

8. Wrap the egg from the front to make an omelet

Tilt the frying pan to the back and fold the egg about 2/3 from the front to the center.

“When wrapping, turn off the heat or reduce the heat while watching the condition of the egg. If the fire is extinguished, the egg will not catch fire anymore, so you can work slowly without rushing. When folding, the back Wrap it so that it gradually approaches. “

9. Wrap the egg on the other side to make an omelet

Fold it about 2/3 from the front, then tilt the frying pan toward you to fold the egg on the other side.

10. Move the frying pan to the back and mold.

Bring the omelet to the back of the frying pan and use the curves to shape it.

11. Turn it over with a rubber spatula and heat it over high heat to harden the surface

Turn the ten omelets toward you with a rubber spatula. Put the frying pan on high heat, harden the surface, and slide it on the bowl.

“It’s just to harden the creases, so it’s okay to put it on the fire in an instant. If you’re worried about the shape, you can hold it with a paper towel and arrange it.”

12. Boil red wine to make the sauce to make an omelet

Make the sauce. Put red wine in a frying pan and heat it over high heat to boil down.

“The sauce can be ketchup alone, but you can add richness to the taste by adding red wine.”

When you break it, it’s fluffy! Completion of the perfect omelet, like the one you see at a hotel breakfast,

This beautiful finish! There is no unevenness or brown color on the surface, and a beautiful omelet is completed. If you break the center with a knife, it will be soft-boiled. When you eat a bite, you can firmly feel the rich egg flavor and butter flavor, and it goes well with sweet and sour sauce. If such a beautiful omelet comes out at home, you will indeed feel excited.

It may take some time to get the hang of it. The important thing is how good you want to make it. Please try to make an omelet based on the points.

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