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How To Block Your Number? Let’s Findout

As technology becomes modern, security concern rises. It affects the privacy and comfort of the people, block your number especially those working in offices and doing their businesses. Therefore, people should take care of their privacy issues.

When someone is dealing with people, either part of the job or their business, they also want to maintain privacy. There should be many ways. Moreover, people can block or hide their numbers in many ways, and after that, their numbers will not show on the receiver’s screen. 

Furthermore, remember that in our world, as we are concerned about our privacy, others are also concerned about theirs. So, they couldn’t receive calls if someone unknown would call them because, after privacy, your number will be shown as private or anonymous.

You want to block your number, let’s discuss how you would do this.

Methods to block your number

The steps can be followed to block your number and avoid disturbing your privacy.

how to block your number

1- *67 is the number you have to dial before any phone call you want to hide your number. These digits will help you hide your number, and your number will appear as an anonymous, block, or private number. For example, if the phone number is 44332211, dials *6744332211 hide the caller ID.

2- Another method is to do settings on your phone. This is valid for both iPhone and Android. Go to the settings, then open call settings there, you find the option hide number. Your number will block until you reset the settings by pressing it. For temporary blockage, you can dial *82 before the number.

3- One of the simple methods is to call the service center, which allows you to attain their service. Contact them and ask to block the number.

4- Many apps help you to hide the ID. You can enter the name from you want to block your number. Whenever you call, it will show your number as private to them.


People are careful and conscious about their private lives, whether their phone number or house number. As much you are social, everyone puts their nose in your matter and every activity. So, some of the hacks mentioned above will allow you privacy. If you have any other tips regarding blocking the number, share them with us in the comments below.

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