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How to unclog ears?

A plugged ear is a problem that is as annoying as it is widespread. A cold, a plug of ear wax, a walk in the high mountains or a dip in the swimming pool are all situations that can cause this ailment. Sometimes it can be the sign of more critical pathologies that require medical attention, but it is a temporary disorder that is resolved quickly in most cases. To speed up the time, here are a series of natural remedies that you can apply to solve the problem in a short time. In this article, we read about How to unclog ears?

Plugged ear, what is it

The plugged ear is a very annoying but, unfortunately, quite frequent ailment. It creates a bad feeling of muffled reality. It can affect only one ear or both, and in addition to causing a momentary loss of hearing, it also gives an unpleasant sense of instability. In more severe cases, it also occurs in association with a painful state.

Plugged ear, the causes

The causes can be many and varied.

Let’s see in detail the temporary causes, i.e. those that quickly cause discomfort and only in conjunction with the onset of the cause of the problem.

Colds to unclog ears

During flu states and in the case of airway infections, the production of mucus, which is an average defensive reaction of our body, can cause a plugged ear.

Phlegm to unclog ears

If the condition above worsens, the formation of phlegm is created, which, if not discharged through the nose, invades the so-called “mask” consisting of the nose, throat and ears.


That waxy substance with a protective and lubricating action on the ear canal normally dissolves and is washed away daily. However, in some cases, it is possible that the ear wax accumulates and, as it hardens, obstructs the external portion of the ear, pressing right above the eardrum.

Pressure changes: the plugged ear is a persistent condition in particular conditions that involve changes in pressure and altitudes different from the usual one. The most frequent cases occur in fact by plane, at high height in the mountains and during an underwater dive.


A painful and annoying pimple inside the ear canal creates a plugin the physical sense

In addition to the transitory conditions we have just seen, which can be easily solved with the simple natural remedies that we will expose shortly, there are also some more essential causes that cause a plugged ear. Here they are:

Strenuous work

In boisterous environments that stress the hearing and its structure in a very violent way. In the long run, this condition causes irreversible damage.

Skeletal affections and problems

Very often, disorders of the musculoskeletal system of the temporomandibular joint – or the cervical portion – have repercussions on the auditory system, creating problems such as plugged ears and tinnitus and buzzing. For the resolution of this problem, the intervention of a good physiotherapist or chiropractor is necessary.

Plugged ear, natural remedies

Now that we have seen the various causes that cause the sensation of a plugged ear let’s see some natural remedies to find relief from the discomfort.

These are simple remedies to try and put into practice in case of transient disturbances caused by particular and circumscribable conditions. In the case of severe illnesses and diseases, natural remedies can do little, if any, at all.

Plugged ear natural remedies: behaviours to adopt

If the ear is plugged due to a pressure problem: plane, dive in the water, high mountains … a great classic is to implement some attitudes such as:

Swallow to unclog ears

Helps activate the muscles of the Eustachian tube. You can support yourself by sucking on a candy or drinking some water.

Yawning to unclog ears

The mandibular movement facilitates the opening of the Eustachian tube

chewing gum to promote salivation and, consequently, swallowing

Plugged ear natural remedies: manoeuvres

If the simple systems described above do not work, you can try accurate physical manoeuvres:

Valsalva manoeuvre to unclog ears

Inhale and then close the nostrils with the fingers; keeping the mouth closed, let the air out of the nose very slowly. This manoeuvre is not easy and must not be done too abruptly. Otherwise you can even risk rupture of the eardrum.

Toynbee manoeuvre to unclog ears

Close the nostrils with the fingers and, keeping the mouth closed, try to swallow. To make things easier, you can save a drop of water in your mouth.

Frenzel manoeuvre

Keeping the nostrils plugged with the fingers, move the tongue as if you wanted to pronounce the sounds of the complex “C” or “K.”

Plugged ear to unclog ears

The plugged ear can also be a sign of more serious pathologies.

Plugged ear localized natural remedies.

We conclude our review of natural remedies to solve the plugged ear with other more ‘localized’ tips.

Nasal wash to unclog ears

Useful in case of firm mucus, with a syringe without a needle, introduce a warm saline solution into the nose. It is real drainage that goes to clean the paranasal sinuses and nostrils.

Irrigation in the ears to unclog ears

Spray lukewarm water inside the ear, plugging it with a syringe without a needle

Hot compressto unclog ears

Always in the case of firm mucus or phlegm, apply a wet wipe of hot water (and squeezed) for about 5-10 minutes on the forehead or the parasail sinuses

Inhalations: fumigations or inhalations with balsamic vapours. A few drops of essential oil are enough. Among the most recommended essences: essential oil of eucalyptus, cajeput, tea tree oil, eucalyptus and peppermint

Gargle, to be done with warm salty water

Plugged ear otitis, natural remedies

In the case of the plugged ear caused by otitis, if you do not want to use drugs, a natural remedy is to insert 3 or 4 drops, directly into the ear, of an emulsion made with apple cider vinegar distilled water. Repeat the treatment 1-2 times a day.

Another natural remedy, an honest “old grandmother’s advice”, is to warm a drop of olive oil and, with the dropper, slide it directly into the ear.

Plugged ear, water to unclog ears

After a swim or a bath, it is pretty common to have water in the ear. Generally, it is a discomfort that resolves spontaneously in a short time, but there are cases in which the water remains in the ear for several days. So let’s see how to get the water out of the ear and thus solve that annoying sensation of a plugged ear:

tilt your head parallel to the ground and press the injured ear with the palm of your hand for a few seconds. Repeat several times

try to absorb the water by gently inserting the tip of a soft handkerchief into the ear

dry the duct with the hot air jet of the hairdryer

If after all these attempts the problem persists, it means that there was already a plug of earwax that the water has swollen, making the situation worse. In this case, it may be helpful to read. Do you know how to remove the earwax plug?

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