How to make your marketplace outstanding and lucrative by optimizing its design


Beauty is an absolutely subjective concept. Nevertheless, in the design of eCommerce resources, specific standards that combine attraction, intuitive comfort, and effectiveness have long been developed for a long time.

Trends are constantly changing. How to stay at the top?

Any Internet user who remembers how websites looked 3, 5, or 10 years ago will say that the fashion, tastes of the web surfers, and common trends are constantly changing. It is difficult to say that, in this case, it is primary. Either designers set new trends that form the preferences of users, or users, becoming increasingly demanding, push developers and owners of web resources to change. Of course, the answer lies somewhere in the middle, and the most correct will be to say that a mutual influence is constantly taking place in this area. Website builders are well aware of all these requirements and are guided by the most minor nuances of aesthetic trends and UI/UX interface. Suppose you already have an existing eCommerce site and want to update it to increase financial returns. In that case, the most logical thing to do is to turn to Body Leasing practice and hire a specialist to audit it and make the necessary changes without interrupting the online functioning of your marketplace.. 

It is important to note that website visual and functional optimization is a permanent process, and the most prominent eCommerce giants, such as eBay or AliExpress, change their design regularly. So if you’re seriously thinking about going to a reliable development company, signing a body leasing contract with them, and inviting an experienced expert to update your website, congratulations, you’re in good company!

Even on a great website, there is always something to improve

Time does not stand still. Every day brings new technical solutions and algorithms; scientists and marketers discover new, even more efficient approaches to customers. Therefore, even on an ideal resource, there is always room for optimization. Consult with a specialist. It is quite possible that you should introduce or update, for instance, such integrations:

  • CRM or ERP systems
  • SMS, PUSH, or email messaging services
  • New forms and mechanisms of online payment
  • The ways of delivery  that have appeared recently
  • More convenient and efficient customer service and chatbots as an integrated part of it.

The saying “advertising is the engine of commerce” is more than one hundred years old, but it still has not lost its relevance. Various and aggressive promotion of your web resource guarantees your presence on the first page of Google search results. When inviting a highly qualified body leasing contracted expert, or entrusting optimization to your own web administrator, clearly state for him the task of auditing this area and making the necessary improvements:

  • SEO compliance with the latest Google algorithms
  • Consistent and logical SMM strategy
  • Content Marketing
  • Placement on third-party sites and aggregators

Active feedback is one of the most reliable ways to turn random customers into happy regular clients. 

  • Check how convenient the comment forms under your products are. If buyers are not actively sharing their impressions, consider how to attract them. After consulting with the designer, consider how best to highlight the most positive reviews because native advertising is more convincing than a dozen banners.
  • Control if your customer service does not leave unanswered comments that require a response.
  • Ponder whether it makes sense to run a customer forum on your site where you can set trending topics and manage discussions?

Indeed you have an excellent marketplace where all kinds of marketing solutions are actively working to attract customers and provide maximum convenience. And yet, try to imagine yourself not as the owner of a thriving online store but as one of the ordinary buyers. Look at your site through his eyes, are all the elements in harmony with each other, are they easy to access, and are they intuitive to manage?

  • Advanced search with filters;
  • Calculation of the cost of delivery;
  • Feedback form;
  • A form for comparing and recalculating different dimensional grids;
  • Service booking system;
  • Banner advertising system;
  • News subscription system;
  • Article ratings;
  • Gallery;
  • Calendar of events.

Website adaptability is a must

Without exception, sociological surveys and marketing studies state that the vast majority of purchases on the Internet today are made through mobile devices. If your site is not adapted to the screens of smartphones and tablets, if it loads slowly, if it does not provide a system for saving information in case of a sudden disconnection, you should not even dream of the success of such a resource.

Suppose you are serious about scaling your marketplace. In that case, you should probably consider creating a mobile app that makes it easier for users to interact with your store and significantly expands its audience. When scheduling assignments for a body leased specialist, include this question on the list.

The target audience. The more you know about your customers, the wider the sales funnel and the higher the website conversion

While preparing for the launch of your online store, you conducted an in-depth study of your target audience and had an idea about the generalized portrait of your buyer. However, as time goes by, your site develops, and customers change their tastes and needs. If you haven’t researched your audience in the past year, why not do it right now?

Optimize the UI/UX interface. The results will amaze you!

Creating web resource design that is based on user experience has become an exact science in recent years. Today, there are many unique tools and techniques that allow you to determine with previously unthinkable accuracy how the user moves around the site. This enables you to identify bottlenecks that prevent the completion of the target action, the purchase. Conduct such an analysis, remove obstacles on the way of the user to the checkout, and you will not believe the exponential growth of your sales!

Keep in mind that the most trendy design, if not based on carefully calibrated usability, will not only fail to make your site successful but may even harm it.

Summing up

In the fiercely competitive eCommerce industry, even the most successful marketplaces are like bicycles: once they stop, it’s only a matter of time before they fall. Do not spare resources for constantly improving your web resource, and you will always stay at the top.



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