How to go live on Instagram?

How to go live on Instagram?

Instagram is the social app that helps you grow your business and social interaction with people. You can post your photos and videos socially, targeting the audience you like to see your posts. You can visualize content here on Instagram that helps you target the audience of your choice and grow your business.

One of the features of Instagram includes broadcasting. This feature helps you interact with your followers live on the app. Broadcasting, or you can say going live on Instagram, is a good option to share your feelings with your followers. You can share your happy or sad moments with those who follow you on Instagram. Once you start your live session on Instagram, your followers can easily join the session and interact with you.
If you are not willing to publish your live broadcast, it is completely your choice. You can stop it right there to get published. But, if you wish to post, you can print it on the platform IGTV. While reading all these, you might be thinking about the way to go live on Instagram. So, don’t worry. We have gathered all the tips and details to tell you how to start broadcasting on Instagram.

How to go live on Instagram?

You need to go on the app and launch it to start broadcasting. Once Instagram is launched, look at the top of the screen. There you will find a plus icon. To begin with, for the live broadcast, click on the plus icon.

Once you click that icon, a screen will appear, showing you the Live option down on the net. Tapping this icon will take you to another screen where you have to type a title for your live broadcast.

There will be an option of four lines icon to type a title. Click on the icon. As a result, a pop-up screen will appear, allowing you to write a title for your broadcast. Once you update the live broadcast’s title, you are ready to go live.
For this purpose, below on the screen, an option will appear. By clicking that, you will go live on your Instagram account. The profile display picture will appear with a Live and colorful ring. This will let your followers know that you have come up live, and they can join you via this.


What if you want to limit the followers. Don’t worry; you can manage this too. Just before going live, you have to do the settings. Once you are done with the title of your broadcast, go to the grounds. In the settings, there is an option of story. Click on the icon, and new opportunities will appear.

Now, from here, you can hide the stories from the ones you don’t want to share, or you can only share the stories with your only friends. So, it is all up to you to manage your privacy. I hope this article will guide you in a better way to go live on Instagram.

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