How much does it cost to charge an Electric Car?

How much does it cost to charge an Electric Car

The trend of electric cars increased with the unfortunate increase in gas supply prices. If we compare electricity cost with petrol and diesel, it is way cheaper than them. How cool it would be no stopping for refuelling at any petrol and gas pumps! Just charge the car’s battery at home and set the terminal, and you are all set to go. You do not have to go out and wait in long lines for refuelling. Stay at home, charge your vehicle and end the dependency. In the following article, we get to know about How much does it cost to Charge an Electric Car? So please don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it will be very useful for all of you guys.

How to charge when there is no electricity?

Electric vehicles are very cost-effective to afford, but what to do when you do not have any supply of electricity with you. In electric cars, there is an option of converting it to Solar power. Or you can convert the electricity of your house to solar power panels if you have any and then charge your card accordingly.

Charging the electric vehicles at home is very cost-effective because there comes a time at night when the unit rate is very less. This is why people prefer to charge their vehicles at home and save hundreds of pounds.

What is the cost of charging an electric vehicle at home?

Well, it completely depends upon your vehicle’s battery size. If you have a heavy battery vehicle, the cost of charging will be greater than a low-sized battery. Some cars have an installation of “time of use” rates. Such cars do not have any high impact on the electricity bill even if charging it at peak hours. A normal electric car would cost just $7 or $8, while filling it at a gas or petrol station would cost you more. This is because only one gallon would cost this much.

What is the cost of charging an electric vehicle in any public place?

There is a difference. Some electric vehicle companies like Nissan offer free charging ports in public places. Those who take money for charging costs just 30 to 40 cents per kilowatt. This is quite affordable for an individual.

The more electricity level you will choose for charging your car, the more costly it will build up. However, the time to charge will reduce on fast charging.

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