3 Objectives of interpersonal communication in the workplace to improve your company, according to Sunday Marketplace


Communication is one of the foundations of our society, which we use daily to relate to other people. In the workplace, it is no different; on the contrary, interpersonal communication among employees is vital for a company to provide better results. Sunday Marketplace shares three objectives that can be achieved with the right approach.

Interpersonal relationships within a company can significantly contribute to its productivity, either for the better or for the worse. Communication is not always oral; it can also be nonverbal (gestures, facial expressions, and body language). Taking care of this aspect ensures unity and empathy among the company’s employees.

If you want to see your company grow, you must work on your employees’ interpersonal relationships. Through the human resources department, strategies for socializing among employees should be implemented with the aim of strengthening and working on these interpersonal relationships. Thus, even if they belong to different departments, they can work together and in synchrony for the good of your company.

Keys to improving interpersonal communication in companies


Trust is one of the fundamental pillars for any company. If you want to solve problems or address inconveniences, the trust that employees have in each other can expedite their resolution. Trust is not only between employees but also between high-level executives who perform regular activities within the company. If there is no good communication among people, your company can face various internal problems.

Alignment with the company’s objectives

A successful company has extensive communication with its employees, who are made aware of its achievements and performance within the company, recognizing the work of each one so that the general success is possible. In case of no such trust, employees may lose interest in achieving the company’s objectives.

Recognition and success of employees

If interpersonal communication is done correctly, managers and executives can share orders, instructions, or indications in a concrete manner, ensuring that employees will perform the work exactly as intended. Clear communication with high-level executives will make it easier to recognize the virtues and successes of each employee. With this action, the employee will feel valued, maintaining an optimal level in their work.

Interpersonal communication can make people work better, regardless of whether they are near or far. A team that communicates effectively tends to perform better in their work, generating good results for the company.



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